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Each of the science fiction books in the Shadowmaster series is available for sale online through popular book stores, and these books are available in digital format as well as traditional hardcopy versions. To buy the Shadowmaster science fiction books online in any of the available formats, please see the links below. You can also learn more about the Eric Safflind’s fantasy novels with the information on this website.

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Shadowmaster I: More Or Less Than Human

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Adrian Kahler is the Shadowmaster, a psychologist turned detective. He has a Sherlock Holmes intellect, extrasensory perception that rivals Doctor Stephen Strange, and an ability to manipulate computers that even Steve Jobs would envy. From his fortress-like home, high above the Chesapeake Bay, he directs his two operatives. Stanley Egor is a former Navy SEAL who presents the visual impact of a Polish Shaquille O'Neal. Barry Sandler is a young empath, unable to control his evolving gift. He is an everyman caught between two supermen, Kahler with his extrasensory perception and Egor with his lethal SEAL skills. Barry says of himself, "My only useful talent is stubbornness."

A killer roams the streets of Baltimore. He decapitates his prey. He loves his family. He's respected by his friends. He remembers nothing of what he has done. He doesn't even realize that he's no longer human.

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Shadowmaster II: Dancing Through The Night

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It's 1992. Croatia and Serbia are at war. Barry rescues Croatian secret agent Helena Galian from a small private plane that has crashed into the Chesapeake Bay. She carries evidence of atrocities at Serbian concentration camps. Her goal is to convince the United States to recognize Croatia as a sovereign nation. Stefan Jankovic is the son of a martyred Serbian warlord. His mission is to intercept the documents Helena carries, but his true purpose is known only to himself. Barry becomes infatuated with Helena. He drags Kahler and Egor straight into the middle of the Yugoslavian civil war, into an unfolding story of patriotism, intrigue, terror, and revenge.

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Shadowmaster III: Star Light, Star Bright

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An invisible killer is stalking congressmen in Washington, D.C. The investigation leads to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. There Barry and Egor encounter Joanna Dembrowski, director of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Project. She is supervising construction of the world's most powerful radio telescope. Her hope is to download knowledge from more advanced civilizations. A lethal knife, wielded by an invisible killer, appears out of nowhere and cuts down Joanna's supporters with bloody slashes. If Joanna's project succeeds, human civilization will be forever altered. It's in Kahler's interest to protect it. To do so, he must pit his intellect and the skills of his two operatives against an adversary as cunning as himself. Joanna is ultimately forced to choose between the good of humanity and her own desperate need. Barry and Egor must fight for their lives against a seemingly invincible enemy.

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Shadowmaster IV: Dream A Little Dream

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In 1983 Russia began construction of a nuclear reactor complex in Juragua, Cuba, 200 miles south of Miami. It was to be a showpiece of Soviet-Cuban solidarity. In 1992 Russia abandoned the project, and construction was halted. In 1995 Cuba reached an agreement with the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy to complete the plant. Money had to be raised. Much of it, unknown to the Cuban government, was surreptitiously funneled into the project by a secret society of paranormals. Their plan is to detonate the completed reactor and, in the resulting turmoil, use their network of disaffected Cubans to take control of the country. Once revitalized, Cuba will become a foothold from which they will reach into every corner of the world. The conspiracy has seen years of meticulous preparation, and now the trigger is ready to be pulled. Mind control, Santeria, and murder all coalesce as the Shadowmaster fights a desperate battle against incredible odds.

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More Than Just a Science Fiction Book: The Shadowmaster Series

The Shadowmaster series offers readers so much more than just another science fiction book. These books deliver a blend of genres including mystery, horror, action, suspense, sci-fi, and the supernatural combined with fascinating characters and biting dialog that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish. With this unique blend of styles effortlessly melded together, the Shadowmaster books are each groundbreaking science fiction thrillers that are able to reach a wide variety of audiences. This includes gamers who desire fast-paced action and involvement, sci-fi enthusiasts who are attracted to the supernatural and unknown, and horror or thriller lovers who seek the thrill ride and suspense found in a great mystery novel.

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