Reviews for the Shadowmaster Series: Sci-Fi & Vampire Novels

CLARION REVIEW, Shadowmaster I: More or Less Than Human

FIVE STARS (out of 5)

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"In this exciting mix of thriller, paranormal mystery, and standard private-eye drama, the theme of good versus evil plays out close to home for investigator Barry Sandler and his boss, Adrian Kahler. Exactly who, or what, is lopping the heads off bodies in Baltimore?

Eric Safflind creates fascinating, likable characters that make his series readable and appealing. Kahler is Sandler’s boss and the head of the investigative team. He is brusque, unyielding, and intuitive. Egor, Kahler’s personal assistant, is everyone’s caretaker. He is a giant of a man who makes excellent Belgian waffles and is fascinated with photography. Even the evil here is cloaked in charisma, kindness, and appeal. Unfortunately, when the moon is full, personalities and personae change rapidly.

Safflind has crafted a carefully nuanced story here, even if the villain is a werewolf."

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KIRKUS REVIEW, Shadowmaster II: Dancing Through the Night

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"In the second installment of Safflind’s (Shadowmaster I: More or Less than Human, 2012) mystery-thriller series, a 1992 counterespionage group must solve a murder and stop a conflict on the other side of the world.

The novel boasts elements of a spy novel and a mystery, as the murder investigation has ties to the ongoing Yugoslavian civil war; cars try to run Barry and Helena off the road, and men attack them with guns and iron pipes. But the book ultimately focuses on the fantastical when Helena’s true nature slowly comes to light... The novel doesn’t require readers to have already read the series’ first book—but it will make them want to do so.

An exemplary continuation of Safflind’s mystery-thriller series."

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KIRKUS REVIEW, Shadowmaster III: Star Light, Star Bright

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"In the third entry in Safflind’s (Shadowmaster II: Dancing Through the Night, 2012) mystery-thriller series, a killer utilizing alien technology targets congressmen with ties to a government-funded space program.

When a congressman gets a letter opener to his eye, another member of Congress fears he may be next. Barry Sandler of Investigative Services, Inc. (ISI), a counterespionage group, investigates a NASA project that’s using radio waves to make extraterrestrial contact... However, the sci-fi here takes a backseat to what is essentially a murder mystery, and an admirable one at that... Safflind packs his novel with action, made all the more exhilarating by a killer with an uncanny knack for breezing past the most rigid security. Elsewhere, good-natured humor keeps things light...

Another stellar book in the series, thanks to a taut mystery and the applause-worthy return of solid characters."

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KIRKUS REVIEW, Shadowmaster IV: Dream a Little Dream

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"Safflind’s (Shadowmaster III: Star Light, Star Bright, 2012, etc.) supernatural thriller series returns with the counterespionage team trying to stop a suspected plot to sabotage a nuclear reactor.

Powerful budding empath Barry Sandler and ex-Navy SEAL Stanley Egor, both part of Investigative Services Incorporated, are sent to Cuba circa 1999, where a newly completed nuclear reactor will soon start running. Dr. Adrian Kahler, a telepath and ISI member, believes the Collective—a covert group and old enemy—has aspirations of nuclear attacks... This volume in the series once again incorporates a supernatural element as a backdrop, with a plot driven by action and murder mystery. But while ISI has previously taken on vampires and extraterrestrial messages, the fourth book is a bit more down-to-earth, with Barry and Egor combating a villain’s mind control over Santeria believers...

A commendable addition and a smashing conclusion to the tetralogy—though there’s room for even more."

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What Makes Shadowmaster II Different From a Typical Vampire Novel

Shadowmaster II | Thrilling Vampire NovelVampire novels have become a popular fad or craze lately, and as a result, they seem to be popping up everywhere targeted to all types of audiences including adults, young adults, adolescents, video gamers, science fiction enthusiasts, mystery novel lovers, and even romance novel junkies. However, Shadowmaster II is not just another average vampire novel. This books instead offer so much more.

In the entire Shadowmaster series, author Eric Safflind seamlessly and effortlessly melds together a variety of genres resulting in a new series of groundbreaking thrillers. Therefore, the Shadowmaster II vampire novel incorporates elements of the mystery realm along with real events to create an explosive rush and a thrilling effect. Throughout the novel, he uses a combination of biting dialogue, fascinating characters, and brilliant plot lines to create a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. Written to span a variety of audiences, this mystery vampire novel is fast paced and involving enough for video gamers while offering the non-stop, nail-biting thrill on which mystery and suspense lovers thrive.

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