Shadowmaster IV: Dream a Little Dream

Shadowmaster IV: Dream A Little Dream | Thrilling Mystery Novel

Safflind’s latest installment of his extraordinary series brings back the Shadowmaster's old foe, the Collective. The Russian nuclear reactor in Cienfuegos, Cuba is being rebuilt. The Collective has plans for it and for a new Cuban revolution. Shadowmaster IVDream a Little Dream is a non-stop ride into the politics of Cuba and into the deep, dark nightmare of a nuclear disaster.

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An Excerpt from Shadowmaster IV:

This was Cancún. I'd died here. Marta Cuevas had killed me. Marta Cuevas had brought me back to life.

I’d been at Club Med for a week and had met Marta three days ago. How much did I know about her. She was gorgeous, and she’d liked me. What else mattered? Absolutely nothing, at least not until now. I reached into the shower stall, turned on the water, and let the shower fill with steam. Then I stepped in. The warmth soothed me. The soap and shampoo smelled of lilacs and summertime. The detective part of me began sorting facts. I didn’t have many.

Marta Cuevas was Cuban, did some kind of technical work for the Cuban government and, like me, was on a singles’ week vacation. She spoke English with no accent, but she’d gone to college in Moscow. She enjoyed water sports, spelunking, and sex. Though I’d had no interest in the second, our shared pleasures had been enough for me to spend a hundred and seventy dollars to join her on the cenote scuba exploration. The caves we’d dived through had water so crystal clear that I’d felt like I was floating in air. Nothing about her had seemed at all strange or dangerous. Nothing had set off any of my paranoid survival instincts: I hadn’t felt even one antenna quiver.

I pulled on jeans and a black knit Polo short sleeve shirt, packed my suitcase, walked to the lobby, settled my bill, and left the Dulce Hogar. Then I hiked over to the Opera, ambled up to the front desk, and asked for Marta. The continuously smiling matron behind the counter told me she’d checked out an hour ago. I glanced over my shoulder to be sure the clerk and I were alone, then waved a hundred dollar bill and asked if I could see the computer log.

"An affair of the heart. She gave me her address, but I’ve misplaced it," I said, doing my best to look sheepish.

About the Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller:

Adrian Kahler is the Shadowmaster, a psychologist turned detective. He has a Sherlock Holmes intellect, extrasensory perception that rivals Doctor Stephen Strange, and an ability to manipulate computers that Steve Jobs would envy. From his fortress-like home, high above the Chesapeake Bay, he directs his two operatives. Stanley Egor is a former Navy SEAL who presents the visual impact of a Polish Shaquille O'Neal. Barry Sandler is a young empath, unable to control his evolving gift. He is an everyman caught between two supermen, Kahler with his extrasensory perception and Egor with his lethal SEAL skills. Barry says of himself, "My only useful talent is stubbornness."

In 1983 Russia began construction of a nuclear reactor complex in Juragua, Cuba, 200 miles south of Miami. It was to be a showpiece of Soviet-Cuban solidarity. In 1992 Russia abandoned the project, and construction was halted. In 1995 Cuba reached an agreement with the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy to complete the plant. Money had to be raised. Much of it, unknown to the Cuban government, was surreptitiously funneled into the project by a secret society of paranormals. Their plan is to detonate the completed reactor and, in the resulting turmoil, use their network of disaffected Cubans to take control of the country. Once revitalized, Cuba will become a foothold from which they will reach into every corner of the world. The conspiracy has seen years of meticulous preparation, and now the trigger is ready to be pulled. Mind control, Santeria, and murder all coalesce as the Shadowmaster fights a desperate battle against incredible odds.

The stakes are at their highest in Eric Safflind’s fourth installment of the Shadowmaster series, a riveting, explosive rush that uses real events to thrilling effect. Full of whip-smart dialogue and ace plotting, Shadowmaster IVDream a Little Dream is a non-stop ride into the deep, dark nightmare of a nuclear disaster.