The Shadowmaster Book Series: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror Novels

The Shadowmaster series is a striking new mystery series that blends action, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and horror seamlessly as these novels take readers on a fast-paced journey from start to finish. Teeming with fascinating characters and hard-boiled dialogue, these horror novels offer action, suspense, and fast-paced tension that will not disappoint. By expertly blending a variety of genres, author, Eric Safflind, captures a wide variety of audiences with these horror novels including video gamers, science fiction enthusiasts, and mystery lovers. SHADOWMASTER NOVELS ARE INTENDED FOR READERS EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER.

The Shadowmaster Novels: Mystery & Horror Meets Sci-Fi & Action

  • Shadowmaster I: More Or Less Than Human: This is the first sci-fi horror novel in the Shadowmaster series. In this novel, the Shadowmaster, a supernatural detective by the name of Adrian Kahler, and his operatives must deconstruct the mind of a Baltimore serial killer who decapitates his prey and the minds of those who control him.
  • Shadowmaster II: Dancing Through The Night: In this electrifying second installment of the Shadowmaster mystery and horror novel series, Adrian Kahler and his operatives pit themselves against madmen and war criminals, journeying into the heart of evil. This sci-fi horror novel is filled with the fast-paced tension that readers have come to expect from Safflind as it takes the proceedings to a new level of suspense.
  • Shadowmaster III: Star Light, Star Bright: In this, the third sci-fi horror novel in the Shadowmaster series, it is open season on lawmakers when an invisible killer targets congressmen in an attempt to prevent NASA from acquiring knowledge sent by a distant civilization. As a result, Kahler and his operatives are forced to delve into the darker aspects of human nature as they fight for their lives against a seemingly invincible enemy in a journey that takes them to the edge of the universe ? and beyond.
  • Shadowmaster IV: Dream A Little Dream: In the fourth Shadowmaster novel, when construction of a Cuban nuclear reactor is resumed, the Shadowmaster must once again battle the Collective in a non-stop ride into the deep, dark nightmare of a nuclear disaster. In this horror novel, the stakes are at their highest as the entire human race hangs in the balance.

The Cast of Characters for The Shadowmaster Sci-Fi, Horror Series

  • Adrian Kahler: Adrian Kahler is the Shadowmaster, a psychologist turned detective. He has a Sherlock Holmes intellect, extrasensory perception that rivals Doctor Stephen Strange, and an ability to manipulate computers that even Steve Jobs would envy. From his fortress-like home, high above the Chesapeake Bay, he directs his two operatives: Stanly Egor & Barry Sandler.
  • Stanley Egor: Stanley Egor is a former Navy SEAL who presents the visual impact of a Polish Shaquille O'Neal.
  • Barry Sandler: Barry Sandler is a young empath, unable to control his evolving gift. He is an everyman caught between two supermen, Kahler with his extrasensory perception and Egor with his lethal SEAL skills. Barry says of himself, "My only useful talent is stubbornness."

Follow the Shadowmaster and his operatives in these sci-fi, horror novels as they chase after killers and delve into the darker aspects of human nature on journeys that take them into the heart of evil or to the edge of the universe ? and beyond. All the while, a perfect a combination of fast-paced tension and razor-sharp prose will carry you on a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish.

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